Project Updates

First-ever Indian Designed & Built Ice Box Challenge – Progress

February 14th 2024

The precast components of the icebox structures are ready at B.G. Shirke’s factory! In the meantime VK:e environemental also performed some shading analysis, so that each box gets a similar amount of shading.

December 18th 2023

The winning team VK:e environmental is announced, as well as the three finalists LEAD Consultancy and Engineering Services, BIOME and Monk Spaces. Check out their ideas here!

June 5th 2023

The Ice Box Challenge for India receives one of the 5 Awards for the LiFE Global Call for Ideas and Proposals

Latest views from the boxcams (Coming Soon)

There are cameras in both boxes, publishing images near the top of the hour. Refresh the page to see the latest.

Latest sensor data